Licensing Written Knowledge and Driving Skills Exams


Knowledge Written Exam = $30

Knowledge exams are provided by appointment

Saturday mornings at 10am

Driving Skills Exam = $50

Drive tests are provided by appointment

Saturday’s schedule starting at 11:30am

No warm-ups or short lessons available

To schedule exams please email the following;


Permit number, Washington ID card number, DOL or WDL number,

Contact phone number, and

When and which exam you want to perform

For the exam

Please bring your Permit, Washington ID, WDL number, or WA license

Payment in cash or check

Please Note:

If you only have a WDL number or non-photo permit, please bring some type of photo ID

Driving skills exams are performed in the driver education car, except for ignition interlock drivers

When preparing for the driving skills exam, please watch the “DOL Skills test” videos on ‘YouTube’


Practice and Study

Preparation is Key to passing these exams