~1. Download and Print Course Receipt from the Course Receipt Page, and 
      May have to click save and then print.
      If you are being asked, what type of prgram to open file - Microsoft Word.

~2. Fill in the Student's information.

~3. Bring in Completed receipt with the $100 deposit to the Driving-School Classroom. 
  ~A. Bring it in during office hours; Monday > Thursday Evening ~6:30-~8:30pm, or
      ~B. Drop it through the classroom door mail slot at any time, or
      ~C. Mail it to the Classroom address.
      The deposit does go towards the price of the course.

My apologies for not offering any electronic payment system over the internet.
I am just siding with caution with protecting your personal and card information.

Class sizes are limited and do fill up quickly.
~A. Please check the Course Schedules page for availibility
       ~B. Class seats are reserved by the deposits on a first in basis.

~1. Students must be at least 15 years of age on the first day of the class.
~2. $100 deposit with signed receipt.

~1. Cash, Check, or Money-Order
~2. Balance of tuition due on the first class day, or
~3. $75 weekly payments due in each Monday of the Class.

:Getting the Student a Driving Instruction Permit >
~1. If your student does not have a Washington Identification Number, please go to www.dol.wa.gov and get them a License Express Number.
~2. Write the Washington ID or DOL Express Number on the Course-Receipt. 
I will log in this student enrollment information into DOL's system and e-mail you when this is done. 

~3. The student may obtain a driving instruction permit at DOL within 10 days of the class start date without performing the knowledge test.


~4. If the student is at least 15 1/2 years old, they may take the DOL knowledge test at :APEX: before the class start. 
      Please, see intructions for testing on the bottom of the Home page.

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