License Testing


:Testing-Fee >
$20 - Knowledge Testing
$50 - Drive Skills Testing

Testing fees are Payable in cash or check. 

APEX-Graduates receive $10 off towards Driving Skills Examination fee. 

:APEX: DRIVING-SCHOOL is approved by DOL as a driver licensing test facilty.

~1. Knowledge Testing available Saturdays 9:00 am. 
      Please be at the classroom site by at least 9:10 am.
      Need to be done with your knowledge exam by 10:30am
      Have your DOL-Express number, Permit, or Washington ID with you.

      If you only have an express number or a non-photo instruction permit, please also bring some type of picture indentification. 
      If you do not have a Washington ID card, instruction permit, or DOL-Express number, please go to www.dol.wa.gov and get your DOL-Express number.  
      I only have written test in English. 

Note:  The best way to prepare for the new knowledge exam is to read through the new driver guide on DOL's website. 

~2.  Drive Skills testing appointments available Saturdays starting at 12:30.  

 If needed, other possible times may be arranged. 
~3. Please e-mail for an driving skills exam appointment time at.
      Please include your full name, contact phone number, and your DOL identification number.
      Your DOL identification number will be your License-Express, Permit, Washington ID, or past or current Washington driver license number.   

If you do not have a Washington ID card, Washington instruction permit, or past Washington driver license, please go to www.dol.wa.gov and get your DOL-Express number.

~4. The driving skills testing is done using the driver training car.
       Except for interlock re-instates 

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