License Testing


:Testing-Fee >
$20 - Knowledge Testing
$50 - Drive Skills Testing

APEX-Graduates receive $10 off towards Driving Skills Examination fee. 

:APEX: DRIVING-SCHOOL is approved by DOL as a driver licensing test facilty.

~1. Knowledge Testing available Saturdays 9:00 am. 
      Please be at the classroom site by at least 9:10 am.
      Need to be done with your knowledge exam by 10:30am
      Have your DOL-Express number, Permit, or Washington ID with you.

      If you only have an express number or a non-photo instruction permit, please also bring some type of picture indentification. 
      If you do not have a Washington ID card, instruction permit, or DOL-Express number, please go to www.dol.wa.gov and get your DOL-Express number.  
      At present - I only have English written test versions avaliabe. 

Note: DOL recently updated the licensing knowledge exam and increased the number of questions to 40.
         The best way to prepare for the new knowledge exam is to read through the new driver guide on DOL's website. 

~2.  Drive Skills testing appointments available Saturdays starting at noon.  

 If needed, other possible times may be arranged. 
~3. Please e-mail for an driving skills exam appointment time at.
      Please include your full name, contact phone number, and your DOL identification number.
      Your DOL identification number will be your License-Express, Permit, Washington ID, or past or current Washington driver license number.   

If you do not have a Washington ID card, Washington instruction permit, or past Washington driver license, please go to www.dol.wa.gov and get your DOL-Express number.

Testing fees are Payable in cash or check. 

:Just a few more notes >

~1. The driving skills testing is done using the driver training car. This car is very easy to drive and you will not be marked down for not being familiar with the car.
      This is mainly due to insurance reasons and helps protect every one involved. 

~2. I am not packaging the driver license testing fees with the driver training course.
      Many students have already performed the knowledge test to get an instruction permit before drivie training, and
      I want graduated students to be able to choose where they feel driving skills testing will work best for them.
      Whether some-one performs the license testing at a drive school or DOL, DOL will still charge the person an application fee.
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