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February ~19th > March ~16thSorry, this class is full

March ~19th > April ~13th 

April ~16 > May ~11th 

Class Schedules are subject to change due to Severe Weather Conditions or other Emergencies.  

~1. Classroom sessions are Monday through Thursday Evenings  ~6:35 > ~8:35pm 
~2. The ~1st Friday Evening of the course is Parent-Night ~6:35 > ~7:35pm
~3. Driver ZED Simulation is during the last week's class sessions - Thursday and Friday ~6:35 > ~8:35pm

~1. Drive sessions are performed after High-School dismissal times to before driver ed. class start and weekends.
~2. Drive sessions are scheduled in student-pairs. 

~1. Exceeds Department of Licensing minimum requirements for Teen-Traffic-Safety-Courses
~2. 30 hours of Classroom, 
       5 hours of Drive Lessons, 
       5 hours of Driving-Observation*, 
       4 Hours of Driver ZED Simulation **

*I always schedule teen student drive lessons in pairs per DOL-TSE recommendation and for everyone's personal safety.
This practice of at least two students in the driver ed. vehicle is also a public school traffic safety education policy.

* *4 hours of Driver ZED fulfills DOL's requirement of 1 hour of drive lesson time

    Driver ZED is a interactive driving simulation program which helps students better identify possible driving hazards


~1. I only offer the basic Traffic-Safety-Course. The main reason for my decision to not offer an Advanced Course is, it is usually just extra drive time with an added the price
      of the course. I would rather see the student get lots of practice with their family and save the money.
      If your student truly needs more drive time and you want it to be done by an instructor, I do provide extra drive time at $40 per hour.
      But, for me to call an extra hour or two of driving with an instructor when a student is already doing well an Advanced Course just confuses the issue.

~2. As far as what I feel are the best tools to assure the safety of your student after they finish Traffic-Safety:
      ~a. Keep practicing with them. Even though they might be done with the course, most of us parents have many more years of driving experience to share.
      ~b. Read through the actual Washington-State driving laws with them. I have to go over these very quickly during class. Reading over them with your teen will help every
            one learn and retain them better. 
      ~c. I will also recommend  "American-Family's" - 'Teen Safe Driver Program'. for 
when your teen does get their driver license. It is basicly an in-car camera program that
            keeps you in the passenger seat when they need you most. You can find more informtion on this at www.davidstrausserinsurance.com 

I purposely keep my price low to offer driver training at an affordable rate. While the price might be low and the clasroom may not be in elegant showroom condition, the
      program is being taught by the owner with over 16 years driver training experience and :APEX: DRIVING-SCHOOL is now in it's 10th year of doing business in this area.

~4. The main source of the classroom materials are the actual Washington State traffic laws; which may differ from some of the popular driver training workbooks.
      As an example >

Popular traffic safety education workbooks > Keep up with the flow of traffic 

Washington State Law - RCW Title 46.61.400 > No person shall drive in excess of such limits.

Guess which source the traffic law enforcement police officers use > You guessed it > The state laws!!!

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