Driver Training Courses



June ~11th > July 6th -
Sorry, this class is full 

July ~9th > August ~3rd
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August ~6th > August ~31st - Sorry, this class is full

September ~3rd > September ~28th 

Class Schedules are subject to change due to Severe Weather Conditions or other Emergencies.  

~1. Classroom sessions are Monday through Thursday Evenings  ~6:35 > ~8:35pm 
~2. The ~1st Friday Evening of the course is Parent-Night ~6:35 > ~7:35pm
~3. Driver ZED Simulation is during the last week's class sessions - Thursday and Friday ~6:35 > ~8:35pm

~1. Drive sessions are performed after High-School dismissal times to before driver ed. class start and weekends.
~2. Drive sessions are scheduled in student-pairs. 

~1. Exceeds Department of Licensing minimum requirements for Teen-Traffic-Safety-Courses
~2. 30 hours of Classroom, 
       5 hours of Drive Lessons, 
       5 hours of Driving-Observation*, 
       4 Hours of Driver ZED Simulation **

*I always schedule teen student drive lessons in pairs

* *4 hours of Driver ZED fulfills DOL's requirement of 1 hour of drive lesson time

    Driver ZED is a interactive driving simulation program which helps students better identify possible driving hazards


~1. I only offer the basic "Teen Driver Traffic-Safety-Course"

~2. For some short helpful driving practice video clips, please check out - www.youtube.com/user/PracticeNZ

        NZ does drive on the otherside of the road, so please adjust information accordingly

~3. Teens - Being a good driver is not just about skills. It is also about making good decsions. Unfortunately, there are many influences promoting poor decison making.
      So, please by mindful of this and be careful of whose influences you are following.

~4. Parents - I am also trying to incorporate some of the newly developed driving philosophy techniques with introducing the aspect of thought filters.
      In other words, trying to give new teen drivers the mental tools to help them filter through the many conflicting messages of what is a quality driver.
      I have come to the conclusion that trying to get teens to accept different points of view is not long lasting and does not give them a tool they can use for future use.


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